Luxury Transportation Service Houston, TX


NOVA was established in 2006 in Houston, TX. Since our establishment in 2006, we have maintained a level of high standards and extended our services in corporate housing which is how we intend to to grow in popularity and size. With more than ten years of service, our reputation proceeds’ us in outstanding customer service.

While working on providing services to accommodate the needs of our corporate housing and transportation clients, we offer needs additional services that are necessary to make our client’s stay convenient and free of hassle. At our core, we are a family that works and plays together, it’s this attitude that drives us to stay focused on ensuring the happiness of our clients.


More important than poise or social ease, being original is the primary element of our brand. A NOVA experience can not be duplicated or imitated. We design every experience custom to our clients needs.

As a premier concierge enterprise, our staff has a unique ability to be fully engaged in the moment with our clients. We know exactly what to do and what to say in every social situation, no matter the issue or request.

We strive to stay in the know regarding luxury travel and lifestyle. From new restaurants to lounges to specialty boutiques, we’ve become accustomed to all thing thriving in Houston.


From start to finish, our goal is to communicate, manage and provide an luxury experience. We provide the courtesy, respect and attention to detail our clients deserve and appreciate.

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